3rd Project Meeting

III International Multi-Sector Confrenece of Social Enterprises: “Social Economy boosting regional development”

On 15-16 October 2014. at the European Institute in Lodz held the "Third International Conference on Social Enterprises - strengthening Social Economy Regional Development" organized in the framework of the project "European Regions for Social Inclusion". In the conference took part partners from different industries.

This year's conference was organized by the Office of the Lodz Region Marszalkowski - the leader of the project and the Association of Social Support Me-You-Us. The conference was devoted to issues of social economy and the exchange of best practices in conducting and supporting social enterprises. The target audience of the event were the leaders / managers of social enterprises, representing different industries and representatives of the public sector and non-governmental organizations supporting Social Economics. The conference enabled to establish and develop partnerships between social economy institutions and istitutions and organizations supporting social enterprises. < /p>

The conference was divided into two parts - the industry groups on 15.10.2014 and the plenary session on 16.10.2014 . During the first part of the event, participants had the opportunity to participate in one of two industry groups:

  • Sustainable development – local councils supporting social economics
  • Activities supporting social economics – foreign and domestic experience

In each industry group took part about 40 participants from Poland and abroad, inter alia: Belgium, Spain, Romania, Latvia, Hungary and Malta.

During the second day there was a plenary session when participants had the opportunity to take an active part in one of three panel discussions:

  • aspects of social economics in development municipalities
  • experience of organisations running social enterprises – Is there a recipe for a success?
  • Social enterprise – business with human face

The plenary session crowned the inaugural lecture of the representative of the European Commission, Mrs. Cecile Le Clercq on Social Economics in Europe  and the project "European Regions for Social Inclusion". During panel discussion breaks was also settled the contest "Breaking the Barriers 2014".  Winners awarded “Golden Spike” statuettes. In the category "Non-governmental organizations-friendly officer in the Lodz region in 2014" won Anna Mroczek, Director of the Regional Bureau of Social Policy in Lodz.  The title of " The best social enterprise in the Lodz region in 2014"  was divided between three social cooperatives: “Scorpio Social Cooperative” , “Ray of hope Social Cooperative and “Pod Social Cooperative” . Once again, congratulations to all the winners!

For the project partners were organized two study visits on 17.10.2014: one in Brzeziny (town in Lodzkie Voivodship) and in Commune of Nowosolna. During the visit in Brzeziny guests met with the mayor and president of the social cooperative “Communal Service”. In Commune f Nowosolna except the meeting with the representatves of local council, guests had an opportunity to listen to the folk band and to try local dishes.

Plenar session on 16.10.2014 was recorded and the material can be found on www.socialenterprises.pl. Feel invited to watch!