2nd Project Meeting

International confrenece: “The role of civil society organizations in the local, regional and european developement”

The Directorate General of Immigration of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Madrid, has organized from 7 to 9 May 2014, the international conference on "THE ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS IN THE LOCAL, REGIONAL AND EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT", which goal was to present good practices in social inclusion from the perspective of different international partners, within the "European Regions for Social Inclusion" project.

The event referred to European project of 2 years duration, co-financed by the European Commission under the Europe for Citizens program.  The project leaded by the Lodzkie Region (Poland), brings together professionals and experts from 10 European countries (Poland, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, UK, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria and Malta), among which there are 28 participants - governmental and private entities as well as NGOs involved in the social inclusion issues in Europe as well as in general problems like population and inclusion of minorities.

The Directorate of Immigration has participated in this project in cooperation with the project leader and the rest of the partners. They conducted the study on the best professional interventions on the population issues and especially on the most vulnerable groups and the methods of inclusion of those in the European society and therefore in the Community of Madrid. The desired outcome was to make contributions in order to improve subsequent actions to the needs of each situation and/or country. For this reason 18 presentations of good practices and three roundtables were conducted.

The Deputy Minister of Family and Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid, the Director General of Immigration, the Secretary General of Immigration and Emigration, the Ministry of Employment and Social of Spain as well as various public and private entities that work with the immigrant population in the Community of Madrid, attended the conference.

The event took place in the Cervantes Institute in Madrid and at the Hispano-Dominican Center of Participation and Integration for Immigrants ( CEPI), with the participation of about 300 invited experts on integration and immigration, as well as 45 foreigner representatives, the project leader (Lodzkie Region, Poland) and other European partners. The Director General of Immigration, Gonzalo Ortiz D. Lazarus, handed out the certificates for the participants of the International Conference and closed the whole event successfully.