1st Project Meeting

The inauguration of the European Regions for Social Inclusion project

Citizenship plays an important role in raising people awareness about European identity and creating the feeling of belonging to the European community. It empowers the process of European integration and that is why active participation and promotion of EU citizenship is stated as one of the main goals of the European perspective. The Europe for Citizens program was created in 2006 to promote active citizenship in Europe. Since then it plays an important role as it fosters the process of getting Europe closer to its citizens.

Lodzkie Region  is a leader in the European Regions for Social Inclusion project which gathers 28 entities from all over the Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and Poland). The goal of the project is to promote common understanding, European affiliation, debate on EU values and active citizenship as well as creating a multilevel network of local and regional governments and CSOs, which would still function after the project conclusion. All the activities are correlated with local and regional development strategies of the entities engaged with the project as well as inter alia Europe 2020 Strategy.

During the kick-off meeting that was taking place from 26th to 28th March 2014 in Lodz, the partners arranged the working plan, the exact content of each meeting, as well as the financial plan and cooperation strategy via e-tools, inter alia via MyEuropa Platform and other social media. What is more on 27th of March 2014 took place the study visit to the City of Uniejow, where all the partners had the opportunity to find out more about the achievements of local and regional authorities from Lodzkie Region towards social inclusion. The project is implemented with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.